World Day of Peace of Peace Message—Pray, Reflect, and Act

On January 1st Pope Francis issued the 50th World Day of Peace Message, Nonviolence: A Style of Politics for Peace. As violence continues to wrack our world, the Holy Father’s message of gospel nonviolence and his call to us all to be artisans of peace has never been more critical.
Over the course of the next few weeks and months, we encourage you to pray and reflect on the Holy Father’s words and to act on behalf of nonviolence and just peace.

Reflect on Pope Francis’ message of active nonviolence. Walk with him as he explores the Good News of the nonviolence of Jesus.
· What is Jesus’ new nonviolent order? How do we “love our enemies”? How do we “offer no violent resistance to one who does evil”?
· What does it mean for each of us personally and for our global church that Jesus “embodied nonviolence” and “actively resisted evil”?
· What can we do to affirm the centrality of active nonviolence in the message of Jesus for the life of the Catholic Church?
· How can we be part of the healing and reconciling of both people and Earth? How can we become “artisans of peace”?
Pray for conversion to active nonviolence. Learn more

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