To the Lasallian Family

April 23, 2015
lasalleMESSAGES – I write to you, members of the Lasallian Family, aware, as we Brothers stated during our last

General Chapter, that “This mission is the work of God who has come to us through Jesus and His Word; it is also the work of Lasallians who carry it out following in the footsteps of John Baptist de La Salle.” (Circular 469, 3.1).  I write expressing my hope to walk together, as a family, committed to the building of God’s Kingdom in the world of today. The Guadalupanas de La Salle Sisters, the Lasallian Sisters, the Signum Fidei Fraternities, the Lasallian Associates with their diverse formulas for belonging, the Catechists of Jesus Crucified and all those who consider themselves to be Lasallians:  you all know that, whatever your role, we all contribute to “God’s work”.
During the last International Assembly for the Lasallian Educational Mission (AIMEL 2013), “we reflected on our reality and gave particular attention to the challenges we face as a Lasallian Family.”(Report of the International Assembly 2013, p.37) To these, we need to add those challenges proper to each one of our institutions. Taking into account the reflection of the Institute and the need to continue strengthening our family spirit, networking, and sharing, while, at the same time, respecting each one of the societies which conform our Lasallian Family, I am glad to introduce you to Brother Rafael Matas Rosselló, General Councilor, who, among other responsibilities, has been entrusted with accompanying the Lasallian Family.
I take the opportunity to thank you for the warm welcome you always extended to Brother Alberto Gómez.  During the last years, he was the link between the Lasallian Family and the General Council. I also wish to sincerely thank Brother Alberto for the excellent service and leadership he provided to our Lasallian Family.  I am sure that Brother “Rafa”, as we call him, will continue to be open and available to strengthen the links that are keeping us together as a family.
Let us look to the future with hope. Let us share the rich spiritual heritage given to us by our Founders and the uniqueness they have impressed into our diverse organizations. Let us keep in mind, as Jesus taught us with his example, that the poorest, the most vulnerable, are our preferred option.
Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever!
Brother Robert Schieler, FSC
Superior General
Message to the Lasallian Family
Source:, April 08, 2015

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